Pre AP Geo Group A Assignment

Paleoclimate project 200 points total

  Four parts and each part is worth 50 points.

  Your two large graph papers showing CO2 & climate  (50 points)

  Essay on your analysis of the class paleoclimate results 2 to 3 pages.  (50 points)

  Quiz on paleoclimate from class lecture, powerpoints and on line readings.  (50 points)

  Group A Essay Assignment, see explanation below (50 points)



Your group will have a total of 4 graphs on two different large graph papers.  One paper will align and overlap CO2 for the past 400,000 years with data from climate graph #3.  The second large paper will graph and overlap CO2 levels for the past 550 million years with graph #1.


After making your large graphs, you will write a 2 to 3 page essay which analyzes the results of your CO2 graphs along with the results from the four other groups.  This essay should discuss any relationships, either positive or negative, between climate and the variables being graphed.  The paper must be had written and should end with a summary of what you learned from this paleoclimate project.


The Paleoclimate quiz will be over the material covered in my three power point presentations and the introductory reading assignments we did from my web page.


Final Research Assignment for Group A:  This essay needs to be 2 to 3 pages long and hand written.  It should address the following topics.

   -What is the greenhouse effect and what are greenhouse gases?

   -Discussion of the Keeling Curve

   -Future projections of climate change due to greenhouse gases.























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