Paleoclimate Project

The goal of this project is for students to understand how different factors have an affect on the earth's climate. 

Background Information

Video Clips on Climate Proxies

1. What Controls Climate?

2.  The Multispectral Sun.

3.  Solar Variation

4. How to Investigate Climates of the Past.

5.  The History of Earth's Climate.

6. Forcing and Feedback Loops

7.  Energy Budget & Albedo

8. The Greenhouse Effect.

9. Tree Rings & Climate Dendrochronology

10. The Little Ice Age




Photo credits:  Doug L. Hoffman

Students will be divided into groups where they will research and graph various topics and look for a correlation with the climate.

Climate Graph 1Low Resolution Phanerozic Global Temperature data to 550 million years

Climate Graph 2 Global Surface Temperature to 66 million years (Cenozoic Era)

Climate Graph 3 Global Temperatures Antarctica Vostok Ice Core Data to 425,000 Years

Climate Graph 4 Greenland Ice Core data GISP Temperature Graph to 10,000 Years

Climate Graph 5 High Resolution Temperature Data Graph to 2,000 Years

Climate Graph 6 Temperature Data past 5.5 Million Years


Group A


Atmopheric CO2 Concentrations Past 400,000 years (Align with graph 3)

Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations Past 550 million years (Align with graph 1)


Group B


Milankovitch Cycle   Eccentricity (Align with graph 3)

Milankovitch Cycle   Axial tilt (Align with graph 3)


Group C


Solar Sun Spot Cycle C-14 isotopes 10,000 years   (Align with graph 4)

Solar Sun Spot Cycle C-14 isotopes 1,000 years (Align with graph 5)


Group D


Major Volcanic Events (Align with graph 3)

Meteorite Impacts past 450 million years (Align with graph 1)


Group E


Atmospheric Oxygen Levels Past 550 million years  (Align with Graph 1)

Magnetic Field Reversals Past 5 million years (Align with Graph 6)








Natural Cycles & Climate Change

An deeper analysis on CO2 and climate change






















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